Custom T-Shirt Design

A personalised T-shirt is a great way to express your personality, and with our custom T-shirt design here at Simple Stature, you can show off your passion for something you love with our unique designs.

Here at Simple Stature, we produce and design in-house clothing that we are sure will make your fashion stand out from the rest. Our process includes a quality assurance test to make sure that our products are long-lasting and comfortable for customers to wear.

With just the right amount of sass and sophistication needed, our shirts are sure to bring out the confidence you need and convey your thoughts loud and clear with their unique and distinct style.

Not only are the T-shirts we provide made-to-order, but if you want a specific style, you can design your own T-shirt here on our website. Whether you want to add names, numbers, text or even your own image, we can create a shirt that is just for you.

Since 2012 we have been ensuring customers receive amazing products from our online store and are sure that you can be satisfied by the item you receive.

To find out more about our custom T-shirt design, or if you need assistance with designing your own personal T-shirt, you can give us a call on (855) 782-8873. Alternatively, you can email us at