Custom Made T-Shirts

Expressing your personality couldn’t be easier in today’s age. With one of our custom made T-shirts here at Simple Stature, we’re sure you’ll love wearing our innovative designs and comfortable clothing.

We’re leading the way for unique fashion and have done so for nearly six years. Our team love designing and producing custom-made fashion for our customers and continue to maintain our first-class customer service. Whether you’re looking for a daring piece of text to say what you feel, or an artistic image to show what you believe, we’re confident you’ll find something for your personality.

What better way to ensure the quality of a product for customers than with our own company? We believe you deserve the best quality clothing. That is why we make our products in-house, test and wear them before it is sold to you. Our goal is to make sure you are satisfied with our products and we will work hard to ensure you have a durable, comfortable and satisfactory piece of clothing.

We thrive on providing great customer service. If you’re unsure about a product or can’t find what you need, we’ll be happy to assist you through your experience shopping at our online store.

To purchase something from our range, you can order through our website. You can also speak to us directly on (855) 782-8873 or email us via